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Training Interlude 1 - Getting started by ravenf6
Training Interlude 1 - Getting started
A work that  came to mind yesterday.  This one being  a bit I thought felt overlooked- while I did a number of works involving Edgar getting ready for his fight with Axl, there was one two thoughts that went into my mind: One, what if Marcus decided to give Edgar a hand in prepping for the fight? The other will be in a follow-up work.

So here, in an overdue occasion, Marcus takes a break from  managing the gym's finances and laces up for a couple rounds.

*As Edgar waited in the ring, he though about the fight that would come in a couple days- he'd show a certain scar-faced hunter just how it was done. But for now, he felt pleased with the progress he was making on his training. At the moment, though, he wondered how things would go-  he had asked Marcus for a bit of help, and the latter offered to go a couple rounds to see he measured up*

Edgar: *thinking about how most of the time, Marcus was at the reception desk, balancing the books and booking fights for the pro members*

Marcus:  *heads over to the ring,  starting to strap on his gloves*
@ Edgar: Hope I didn't keep you waiting..?

Edgar: *turns and sees Marcus heading his way *
@ Marcus: Not really.

Marcus: *climbs into the ring*
@ Edgar: Been a while since I did this. I hope I'm not too rusty..

Edgar: @ Marcus: .... I wonder though- can you see all right without your glasses?

Marcus: @ Edgar: Hmm? Oh,  you noticed?  Well, I have them on for paperwork and such. I can see well enough, I just hope you're eager.

Edgar: @ Marcus: No doubts there. *gets to a stance*

Marcus: @ Edgar:  Just remember- this won't be so much about winning or losing, but seeing how your skills currently stand. I feel I should warn you, though *gets into a balanced stance*-  don't take me lightly.

Edgar: *he wanted to respond at first, but as he saw Marcus in his stance, he felt the latter's subtle glare boring into him.  But no point in stopping now*


The thought of Marcus stepping into the ring was something I wanted to address for a while, so when this idea came to mind, it fit like a glove. Don't know when I'll start, but the 2nd part is a work I want to do, among others. :)

Edgar Voldge and Marcus O'Bailey belong to me
Bishop Alvis Kelton by ravenf6
Bishop Alvis Kelton
One thing I've had on the agenda for awhile is to expand my roster of characters. This one's been on my mind for a while.

 Far as backstory goes, not much is known of Alvis' early life, but records suggest that at one time, he was a soldier. That being a harsh and tragic period of his life. When he left the front lines, he drifted aimlessly until he ended up in a town, cynical from the horrors of war and its scars. At that time, the people of the town were well underway with the construction of a great cathedral.  Seeing nothing better to do, Alvis joined the construction effort and it was there his life took a slow turning point:

The  bishop overseeing construction took  Alvis under his wing. Despite early rejections from a battle-scarred soldier, the kindly man helped Alvis to see that despite his personal demons and scars, there was something greater, if he but opened himself to the possibilities. As construction progressed, Alvis  slowly came out of his shell, under the sweat of his labor and the teachings of his new mentor as a member of the local clergy. In time, the cathedral was completed and life was turning better, but the bishop had grown old, and on his deathbed, asked Alvis to take up his mantle and become the new shepherd for the people. It was only after reflecting on his life-the good and the bad, and a bit of encouragement from those in the catherdral chapter that Alvis decided to carry on as the new bishop.

Personality-wise, Alvis  is the kind who's seen things he wouldn't wish on others. His time in the church  has helped him to shed the ugliness of his early youth.  A few scars do run deep, so there a few times he finds himself wrestling with his internal demons, but he believes the burden humbles him to carry on his path.   Whenever he isn't attending to the duties of his station, Alvis enjoys the simple pleasures of life, and has been known to hold his liquor.   

While Alvis has mellowed out recently, he's all too aware there may be occasion where the shepherd must be prepared to protect his flock from earthly threats.. (more on this as development arises)  ^^;


Took a bit of time for me to  carve out and simplify the design. the outfit was pretty simple, and I liked working on some of the other things like the pectoral cross and the crozier (the staff). Te sandals, though, I'll need to work on a bit- same with the feet, as I'm not too used to them, but I put them in as a lot of bishops take vows of poverty.

While this has been a bit longwinded, I'll finish up saying in that I fleshing out this character a  good bit. :)
Alvis Kelton belongs to me
Edgar vs Axl- round 1 part 1 by ravenf6
Edgar vs Axl- round 1 part 1
Yep, i finally got to addressing this lit bit.

   After a brief face-off  ( ), the opening bell for this fight  has rung, though it's long overdue on my part... ^^;

As soon as the bell rang, the two fighters moved to the center of the ring,  the time for words was over.  Edgar  watched the scar-faced hunter who goaded him into this bout. Much as he wanted to let loose, the young blacksmith reminded himself to be patient- the time would come soon enough.  As for Axl, he found it odd that as much as Edgar glared at him, he wasn't attacking..  "He's not doing anything. Heh- might as well wake him up."  Axl  started with  a jab to the face. But Edgar ducked the blow.  The hunter was surprised, but didn't dwell too much on it- he threw a few more jabs- Edgar  ducked them all and  responded with a  left  hook to the  midsection.  

Axl grunted slightly from the pain and a bit more of annoyance. He lashes out with a left hook to the head, but Edgar again ducks the punch.

Seeing  the opening, Edgar tightens his right glove and throws a hook in a high arc, crashing the blow into Axl's  left cheek.

Axl wasn't sure what was more unbelievable: the slight burn  from the hook as his head was wrenched  to the side, or the fact that this quiet kid who initially declined his request was capable of dealing a punch like that.

Edgar kept his face impassive as he resumed a balanced stance, the fight had only started, but he felt a bit satisfied he said hello in a fitting manner...


I wanted to set up the opening like this-  methinks Axl might be starting to regret taunting Edgar as he has. XD It took a while to set this up since on top of  the opening exchange, I had to incorporate scale into this, given Axl's height over Edgar's.  Not an easy thing to start since the difference is a bit more stark than usual, but this one came out just as I hoped it would, so I'm quite happy with it.  Though I don't think  Axl would agree with the pace, right now. :rofl:


Edgar Voldge belongs to me,
Axl belongs to Capcom
Junichi Takahashi by ravenf6
Junichi Takahashi
a doodle I did of :iconnightmare-nikki:'s  OC,  Junichi "Juno" Takahashi.

This one took alittle time,but not a lot-  I wanted to draw Junichi looking ready to fight, so the pose is a bit in that vein, though I will admit I'll need to work on feet, a bit: the right foot, while raised, didn't come out as planned.. ^^;

While the hair and eyes haven't been finalized at this time, I went with a  brownish/blonde color for the hair and  a dark color for the eyes- sepia worked nicely in this area. :)

Nitpick aside, I had a good a bit of fun working on this character, hope we see more of him, though that's not my call to make.

Junichi belongs to :iconnightmare-nikki:
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Yesterday saw  something I've been looking forward to for a while- Monster Hunter Generations. :D

While I haven't played a lot, I've made slow and steady progress. Looking forward to taking on some big hunts and making equipment that'll make some of the larger monsters tremble when their time comes.

For now, though, just taking it easy. 


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A full-time worker and a college student. I've doodled for years, but nothing special. For the time being, I'll check out Deviant Art before posting up some things.

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